Internationale træf i England

Hej alle.

Her er datoer og plan for turen i september 2021.

Alle 6 tilmeldte fra i år er selvskrevet til turen i 2021. Hvis I ikke kan deltage i 2021 så giv mig hurtig besked så jeg kan tilbyde pladsen til et andet medlem.

Skulle I have yderligere spørgsmål, så kontakt mig venligst.

Hi All,

I hope that you and your families are all well and that you are able to take your TR out for a drive, even if on your own.

A short update on the arrangements for the UK meeting next year. We have now signed a contract for 170 rooms at the Chesford Grange Hotel for the three night weekend from the 10th to the 13th September 2021. For the tour, from the 13th to the 17th, we have confirmed reservations for 50 rooms at the Metropole Hotel and 49 rooms at the Commodore Hotel and a reservation for 28 rooms at the Glen Usk Hotel. We have requested a further 30 rooms at the Metropole but these are currently not available but we have first right of refusal if the current customer cancels them. Ideally we want to only use the two best hotels (Metropole and Commodore)

I have had a number of requests from UK members and one coordinator about members trying to ensure that if they had booked for 2020 then they want to be able to book for 2021 before places are offered elsewhere. Therefore, I would like to make a proposal for your consideration:

To ensure all those people who initially booked for 2020 are guaranteed a place for 2021, then we use the final booking numbers (prior to any cancellations) as the initial allocation for 2021. According to my records this amounted to 160 rooms for the weekend and 103 rooms for the tour. There were also an additional 11 rooms booked for the tour at another hotel for the organising team. There was a great deal of confusion as the cancellations started so please check the numbers below, they should be the maximum you booked. The maximum room capacity is also shown, so we have some flexibility.

Allocation proposal
Country Weekend Tour
TR Register UK 19 3
TR Register Germany 25 16
TR IG Südwest 25 25
TR Register Italy 5
TR Register Belgium 8 6
Triumph Club de France 9 8
TR Club Denmark 6 6
TR Club Holland 7 1
The Swiss TR Club 13 12
TR Register Norway 14 14
TR Register Spain 12 3
Triumph TR Club Sweden 13 4
TR Register Ireland 4 5
Other clubs
Total 160 103
UK organising team                                     11
Maximum hotel capacity 170 127

Please let me know your thoughts on this proposal. I also recognise that the TR Register Italy withdrew their request for places on the tour early in the discussion last October so could be given the opportunity for an allocation on the tour.

Very best wishes to you all,

Mick Forey

International Director

TR Register